The store gives you the opportunity to pay as it suits you best in one of the following ways.

Cash on delivery, upon delivery to your place.
Cash on delivery is valid only for Greece.
In this case the customer will be charged 2.50 euros (including VAT 24%) plus shipping costs.


By Deposit in a bank account
For your best service, the order number or your name should be mentioned in the depository

PIRAEUS: GR61 0171 9170 0069 1713 2355 579
Beneficiary: Kokkalis Ioannis Kon.

NATIONAL BANK: GR84 0110 3140 0000 3142 0020 864
Beneficiary: Kokkalis Ioannis Kon.

ALPHA BANK: GR49 0140 6730 6730 0210 1042 672
Beneficiary: Kokkalis Ioannis Kon


* For your best service, give your name and order number listed in the confirmation email to the bank as a reason.
* In case the deposit is not made within 2 working days, the order is automatically canceled.
* If the payment is made by money transfer from a bank account and the transfer concerns different banks then the commission will be charged to the customer. (In case the customer does not take it into account during the transfer, we will contact him to cover the cost of the bank supply before the order is sent)

With credit / debit / prepaid card
With your credit, debit and prepaid card through the secure environment of PIRAEUS BANK. All your credit card transactions are carried out in the strong encryption environment of PIRAEUS BANK. The debit of the credit card is made by the bank and provided that the data and its validity are checked and certified. To maximize your security, does not store or retain on the server the details of credit / debit / prepaid cards.
* gives you the opportunity to choose between a retail receipt or an invoice as proof of your order. Invoice is issued to companies and freelancers, entering details such as the VAT number. and the Tax Office upon completion of the order.